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Land Conservation

We believe that keeping carbon in the earth and that protecting and preserving land – from development and natural disasters alike – are critical factors to preventing climate change. Yardi is committed to finding and funding programs committed to this work in North America. In 2023, Yardi demonstrated its conservation focus by supporting the organizations below.

Wildfire Resilience Initiative, UCSB

The Wildfire Resilience Initiative at UC Santa Barbara develops and applies the latest technology, resilience research, satellite data and meteorological information for the understanding, prevention, and mitigation of extreme wildfire events as well as the resulting damage from such events.

Gaviota Overlook,
Santa Barbara Land Trust

Yardi helped to fund the Santa Barbara Land Trust’s effort to purchase and protect the Gaviota Outlook, which is 48 acres of rolling coastal grassland along the iconic U.S. Route 101 State Scenic Highway. This part of the coast is considered one of the most magnificent examples of rural, coastal Southern California and among the last undeveloped in the southern region.

Energy Conservation

Giving back to our industry.

IMT leverages their internal technical and policy expertise to improve the quality of buildings and building materials by helping communities to advocate for safer housing and lower energy bills, supporting legislative bodies to create human-centered legislation and facilitating climate-conscious business choices that propel corporations to be at the cutting edge of their industries.