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Energized for Good

Energized for Good

Energized for Good

Energized for Good

Energized for Good

Our Motto

Take care of our clients, take care of our employees, take care of our communities, stay focused and grow.

At Yardi, doing good is a year-round passion. For over 40 years, along with our clients, Yardi is proud to have helped support thousands of non-profits around the world.

Humanitarian Aid

When natural disasters – such as earthquakes, fires and floods – occur in areas where Yardi has offices or clients, Yardi responds by funding organizations offering direct support to those in need.

From the Blog

Latest News

Global Village Project

Decatur, Ga. based Global Village Project (GVP), founded in 2009, is a one-of-a-kind, tuition-free middle school created to meet refugee girls’ unique and holistic needs. Refugees arriving in the U.S. often find their children facing obstacles to an equitable education or needing to catch up academically.

Never Give Up

Meet the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation—Never Give Up, founded in 2009 in Santa Barbara, California. This organization works to fill the gap needed to create real change and build a more inclusive future for those with disabilities. After raising $6 million over the last seven years, Gwendolyn’s Playground will break ground in 2024 — Santa Barbara’s first fully inclusive playground.

Explore Ecology

Today, we introduce Explore Ecology, founded in 1990 in Santa Barbara, California. Explore Ecology (EE) promotes leading environmental education and artistic expression. Through their programs, Explore Ecology reaches over 40,000 community members.